Rev. Gary Screaton Page, M.Ed.,Ph.D.

Clients say it themselves!

  • “Gary Screaton Page is a caring, encouraging, supportive helper."
  • "His passion and winning manner ignite audiences.”
  • "I wish Gary's book had been available years ago!"


Let Gary show you how to "Take control of your life so others don't."™


Gary Screaton Page is a seasoned entrepreneur, author, award-winning educator and certified coach. What's Up Niagara business magazine called him "The Achiever!" Gary went from being a "7-year-man" in high school, to earn his graduate degree and a $10,000 doctoral studies scholarship "for oustanding ability and scholarly achievement"! He can empower you for more, too!


Gary's inspiring, encouraging, and helpful interviews have aired over more than 400 radio stations throughout the world. In his appearances on Canada A.M., Hour Long, and Take Thirty  televisions shows, as a consultant for children’s television, and as a counsellor and life coach, Gary has shown how he can get the best from students and clients alike. He can help get the best from YOU, too!


Gary Screaton Page is the author of five encouraging and helpful books that develop the best in people:


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Gary Screaton Page, M.Ed., Ph.D.


Updated June 23, 2017


Updated June23, 2017


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